One hundred words of now

Borrowing this idea from the lovely Susannah Conway

gratitude. frustration. clarity. breath. nostalgia. opportunity. motivation. salad. overcast. solidarity. tarot. focus. moments. release. acceptance. hopeful. knowing. H2O. decades. time. PTSD. generations. writing. pouring. soul. awakening. encouragement. journey. adjustments. ocean air. deep breaths. centeredness. awareness. warm tea. sweet honey. cocoon. fluidity. order. impermanence. attachments. soul contracts. digging. being. creating. showing. trust. presence. broken printer. lucid dreaming. letting go. wool socks. solar power. intuition. burning sage. abandoned trains. redundancy. record players. vintage heirlooms. balcony doors. abundance. manifestation. roots. fresh cut grass. campfires. possibility. music. growth. banjos. plethora. shedding. hoops. peppers. commitment. empath. oceans. porch. doves. perspective. planning. youth. wisdom. birthdays. adolescence. grace. nature.  make that 80some words. inconsistency.


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