29 Days Until Spring!


I can see the light at the end of this cold, frigid tunnel.

This morning, as I bundled up to take the dog out, my thoughts went to how nice it will be to not have to throw on a coat, hat, scarf, boots, gloves, etc. just to walk outside for her to do her business.  As I filled the tea kettle with water, I thought how nice it will be not to have to let the water in my kitchen sink drip so that the pipes don’t freeze, to not worry about the laundry room freezing and not being able to do laundry. How nice to wake up to the sun shining in through my windows knowing that it’s just as warm outside as it is under the blankets.
There are many things I’m looking forward to NOT doing, but even more that the warm weather will bring.

Crocus Blooming off my front porch
Trees blossoming
Fresh flowers adorning my kitchen window
Gardening with the generations on the homestead
A visit to GA with this beautiful lady
Toes in the sweet, soft Ocracoke sand
Many, many hikes
Sunsets on Silver Lake Harbor, Ocracoke
The neighbors sheep grazing
Hours of floating on the creek
Ferry rides
Drive ins!
Flip flops!
Outside play
This definitely helped, and hopefully it will brighten your day if you are also dealing with freezing temperatures.  While I don’t like to wish time away, I do hope that the warm weather makes its way here soon!

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