Out with the old


Once again, another year has flown by.  It seems like just a moment ago I was watching 2013 walk out the door as I very happily slammed it shut and bolted the lock behind it.  Although it was no where near as dark and grief-stricken as 2009 had been, 2013 ended with the bang of a screen door in a tornado.  Thus causing 2014 to begin with a retreat to the internal depths of my soul.  But what a journey of discovery it has been.

At the end of each year, I take time to reflect, to look back on what has presented itself to me over the previous twelve months.  Examining my reactions to each situation, how I felt at the onset and how things ended up after it had run its course, and where I found myself at the end of it all.  I will never cease to be surprised at how much growth continues to happen in my soul and how differently I feel in myself compared to how my previous self looks from this new perspective.  There are many things about me that never change, but each year I feel like I find more beautiful pieces of my soul in the debris that the ebb and flow of each tide leaves behind.  It’s all about perspective, and we always have the ability to have a positive perspective.

For a moment, I thought 2014 was going to go out with another torrential downpour, but instead it is going out with the quiet, calm and surprisingly sweet sounds of an open field after a rainstorm.  As many are looking forward to making resolutions to *find* themselves, I am relieved to say that I have, indeed, found myself.  There are, of course, still discoveries to be made and plans to hatch and paths to forge, but I will be doing it all from a place of faith, trust, and certainty in myself.  I am armed with grace and instead of bulldozing over the thorns that may overgrow my path at times, I also have the awareness that careful pruning requires.

Tonight, I will be setting my intentions for the coming year and letting go of that which no longer serves.  My children and I will have ourselves a ceremony, and in the morning we will awaken in time to welcome the sunrise on a fresh, new year.  Perhaps you will do the same.



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