Girl(s Relaxing Detox Bath) Interrupted

As any working mother can attest to (even moreso a single working mother with twins) it’s not often that enough time presents itself in our schedules to take a bath.  Baths are an event unto themselves (much like naps), and one that should be met with care and quiet.  The majority of the time, my showers are even rushed as I’m usually yelling instructions through the door at my children, trying to keep them moving, only to find them still bundled up under the blankets when I get out.

After arriving home this evening, I found myself with all the ingredients for a perfect half hour of complete relaxation. An entire half hour of nothing but quiet, in a warm, tub full of water.  That’s all I really need for a good bath.  Anything longer and I would probably fall asleep in the tub and that wouldn’t be quite so perfect.

So, I headed upstairs, turned the water on, and went about gathering some necessities.  Lavender Essential Oil? Check! Epsom Salts? Check! (mental note: I need more epsom salts). Candle? Check! Glass of my favorite red wine? CHECK!

It was so perfect. The water was perfect.  I turned out the lights and slowly lowered my bones down into the water as it continued to fill.


Until I turned the water off and spent the entire time listening to the neighbors truck idling. The whole time. Next time I will know better and wait til midnight to take my relaxing bath, or else just leave my ipod playing.

Welcome to life in the so-called quiet country. I’ve had more quiet nights sleep in some of the busiest areas of Philadelphia.


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