Springtime In My Soul



While the weather hasn’t quite made it’s way to spring, I’ve been blooming and blossoming internally for the past few months. Creating this new space for my soul has been on my to-do list for more time than I’d care to admit, but it’s finally coming to fruition.  While I am prone to procrastination, there is a huge difference between it, and patience.  Patience is necessary.  We can not force a flower to blossom before it’s time.  We must watch it, care for it and water it properly while allowing it to grow at its’ own pace.  The pace of nature is one that we should follow in our own lives, and one that I am learning is much better than the unnatural urge that we humans often have for control.

We have free will, sure, but there are so many things that we do not have control of.  Life ebbs and flows just like the tides, forming and changing us with each surge.  We have no other choice than to just allow, accept and just simply be.



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